Disconnect to Reconnect

Updated: Mar 31

Man, what a treat we had this past weekend! A world renowed scholar Imam Omar Suleiman blessed us with his presence to talk about how to detach yourself from this worldly life to work towards your afterlife.

And like the nerd that I am, I took notes.

2 things I really want to highlight here:

Imam Omar Suleiman told a story about how one time, Aisha RA was sitting and talking with the Prophet SAW but as soon as the call to prayer was made, "It was as if we weren't there."

Now, we see the Prophet SAW as the greatest of all creation, so beloved by Allah. So we expect someone like him to constantly be in a state of worship and prayer. But this instance is the perfect example of how the Prophet SAW had the perfect balance between deen and dunya. He still gives his friends and family their rights while still fulfilling his duties to Allah.

Imam Omar Suleiman giving his talk at Arizona State University (via @ASUMSA on Instagram)

The Prophet SAW's attachment to Allah did not result in his detachment from the people around him.

That's the type of equal balance that we should all strive for as Muslims. In the Muslim world, there are always 2 extremes. Either someone is super religious to the point that they neglect this world completely or they're so immersed in this world that they forget that they were created for a greater purpose.

Emotions can also come into play here. Umar ibn Al-Khattab RA once said "Do not let your love be obsessive and do not let your hate be destructive." Now what does that mean?

Love and hate are both very strong emotions and can cause us to think irrationally. If you love someone too much, it can cause you to make reckless decisions, put that person on a pedestal and do anything and everything to make them happy. Even if it means going against your own morals or values.

If you hate someone, it can overtake you and cloud your judgment. So much so that you're constantly thinking of ways to destroy them. Imagine that. What a sad state to be in. That's why it is super to important to, again, have balance in everything you do.

A full house for Imam Omar Suleiman (via @ASUMSA on Instagram)

Here's what you can take from this: Look at your life as a scale. Placing too much weight on one side of the scale will cause the other side to tip over. The religion of Islam doesn't say that we are not allowed to have fun. We can enjoy the pleasures of this life, but in moderation. We can live this life happy and healthy as long as we obey Allah and his Messenger SAW, staying away from what is prohibited.

What are some ways we can strike a balance as Muslims?

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