How To: Make This Ramadan "The One"

Maybe this will be the Ramadan that changes you. Here are some tips to ensure that it happens.

There's a different type of energy in the air when the blessed month is here. You can literally feel the peace and tranquility descending from the heavens. Muslims in your community greeting you with smiles and "Ramadan Kareems", families hanging crescent moons and lanterns around the house, masjids posting their Ramadan prayer schedules to help everyone prepare.

But although this comes around every year, it's easy to get complacent in this month. You can start off Ramadan on a huge spiritual high and crash halfway through. It doesn't mean you're a bad Muslim, it just means that there needs to be more planning and intentionality to make this Ramadan more than just eating dates at Maghrib and staying up until Fajr. So here are some practical tips to make this happen.

Tip #1 - Make your intentions clear

Ask yourself: What do I want out of this Ramadan?

Is it building a stronger relationship to Allah and His Book? Is it seeking His forgiveness and mercy? Perhaps it's donating more to charity and spending money for His sake? Or maybe it's all of the above?

If it is all of the above, make sure to choose a primary target. You want to get the most out of this month, which includes performing all the good deeds you can do. But choose one that you want to focus on the most, the good deed that you want to pour most of your attention into. And stay consistent with it, as the Messenger of Allah PBUH said:

"The most beloved deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small." (Bukhari).

Who knows, hopefully you will stay consistent with these deeds well after Ramadan has come and gone.

Tip #2 - Memorize Duas

Ramadan is a month where you have multiple opportunties to earn Jannah and gain Allah's pleasure. And Allah is very pleased when we raise our hands to the sky and ask Him for everything that our hearts desire. The truth is, Allah loves it when His servants come to Him with a sincere heart. Put your faith and trust in Allah, He will never disappoint.

Make a list of duas that you want to make. There is no right or wrong dua and there is no limit. All that matters is that the duas you are making are important to you. Write them down on a piece of paper or save them to your phone to ensure that you regularly supplicate to Allah throughout this month and even after Ramadan is over.

"Dua is the weapon of the believer, and the pillar of faith, and the light of the heavens and the earth." Holy Prophet (saw)

Tip #3 - Learn Your Religion

One thing I love to do during Ramadan is listen to lectures. You can be running errands or doing chores while listening to talks by your favorite scholars and Imams. What makes this so great is that you're gaining knowledge about the religion that you practice every single day. Whether it's a 15 minute talk about how to ask forgiveness from Allah or if it's a 2 hour lecture on The Day of Judgment, learning about Islam will help you to fall in love with it. It will then lead you to appreciating it more and Allah will open doors for you in this world and the next.

And like I said, you don't have to stop everything you're doing to listen to lecture. You can continue to do your daily tasks with it in the background so you can not only learn and benefit from it, but you can get the rewards as it can count as an act of worship iA!

Tip #4 - Read More Quran

There's no better time to connect to Allah's book than this time. Think of the Quran as Allah's love letter to you. It's filled with guidance, advice, stories, as well as warnings and precautions to take. This book was designed by the Best of Writes to give you a roadmap of how to live this life in the Dunya and how to get rewarded in the Akhira.

That being said, we live in a world where Quran is so accessible. If you don't have a physical copy, you can easily download an app on your phone or you could listen to the recitation on Youtube. Whether you prefer to read it or listen to it, make sure you use your time in this month to reflect and ponder on the words of Allah.

In these last 10 days,

Make the most out of this little time you have left. I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but this could be your last Ramadan because you don't know for sure if you will be alive to see the next one. Take advantage of the blessings Allah has given us in this month. May Allah accept from all of us!

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