Why Limit Yourself To One Career?

Updated: Jan 6

Creativity is in my blood. I describe myself as someone who likes to think outside the box and use my imagination to my advantage.

Because of that, I've been involved in countless clubs throughout my school years. Theatre, Guitar Club and Dance, just to name a few.

But due to my skills and talents, I pondered many questions as I entered high school and then made the transition to college. It came to a point that I had no idea what career to pursue, considering that what I was good at did not align with any sustainable and successful careers out in the job market.

Time was running out, senior year was approaching and I had to make a decision.

I was blessed enough to be involved in the Muslim community and gain the experience I needed by planning events, designing graphics and honing my skills in marketing. Over time, that landed me a job as part of the Content Marketing Department at Nominal. But even after a year and a half of being part of the team, I still want more.

I know there is untapped potential in me. I know I have a set of goals I want to achieve in my life, such as a clothing line and my very own PR firm. Also, starting an organization that raises awareness about mental health in Somali communities and writing a book in the near future.

I've already started making baby steps towards these goals, such as writing a business plan and doing tons of research on the right way to approach this. Even talking with experts in these fields and taking notes.

The point of this post is, why are you limiting yourself to just one career? If you have multiple talents, why are you holding back? What are you waiting for, the right time? The right amount of money? The right opportunity?

The reality is, you don't want to live a life on the sidelines where you are just waiting, you want to be in the midst of the game. Stop watering down your talents. You are good at what you do, so you should use it to your advantage.

Put your eggs in different baskets. If you're good at sales but also at content creating, why not start a business and a social media agency? If you're good at writing and also fitness, why not write a book and film fitness videos at the gym for Youtube?

The main theme here is, Why Not? Why can't you achieve these goals? Why can't you have multiple streams of income? Why can't you work towards your Masters degree and be a blogger?

So I ask you again, why limit yourself to just one career?

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