Why You Should Break Generational Curses

Updated: Jan 6

A conversation with an old friend sparked this post. We were sitting in a coffee shop, just catching up as it has been a while since we last seen each other. I asked her if she was still in school and she said she was in medical school. But she hated it, every second of it. From the studying to the stress to the lack of free time.

So I'll bite; I questioned her, "If you hate medical school, why are you studying medicine? Why not major in something your passionate about?" And she answered with "It runs in the family. If I don't become a doctor like everyone before me in my family, I will be seen as a failure no matter what career I choose."

My heart sank and goes out to her, it really does.

The pressure of living up to the family name can really take a toll on you, physically, emotionally and mentally. And it's crippling our generation because we're not given choices or options on what path to go on in life. We just have one option; what everyone else in the family does. As children, we follow in the footsteps of our parents because that's all we know.

It isn't until we grow up that we start to draw our own conclusion and question why things are the way they are. Then, we are shut down or called "disrespectful" for even thinking about challenging the status quo.

I'm here to push you to not only shake the table, but turn it completely on its head.

Let's be specific; if the curse in your family is working too hard to the point of exhaustion, then set realistic life goals that will allow you time to work but also time to have a social life.

If it's not considering the children's feelings, make sure to listen and reflect on your children's emotions. Validate them and reassure them when they need advice.

If it's living the same lives that your parents lived, take lessons from what they did and apply it to your future goals. For example, you can adopt their work ethic but not necessarily the work they do.

Breaking generational curses is so crucial to living a happy and healthy life because when you're old, you want to say you lived the life you chose, not the life you settled for. That you change the trajectory of your family and set good examples for your children to follow. Be the change you want to see.

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