You Need To Accept This...

I came across this Instagram post with a quote that really stuck with me and this is how it goes, you'll want to read this.

Let's discuss this one by one, shall we?

"No reponse is a response."

We tend to give people multiple chances, which is already way too much. Giving the benefit of the doubt is one thing, but if someone is actively not being active, as in not making an effort, there is no use wasting your time or resources on them.

Simple as that.

"Taking no risk, is the biggest risk."

The one person holding us back from achieving our true potential is ourselves. We have the capability to take over the world, to make our dreams come true and make a positive impact on the people around us. But fear cripples us so much so to the point that we're too afraid to even make that first step.

Then we don't take any risks, no progress is made, and we're stuck in the same position we've always been in. Not taking that leap of faith is the most terrifying thing you can because then, your ideas and goals never

come to life.

They just stay where they are.

"If they really wanted to, they would."

You ain't gotta tell me twice. Stop prioritizing people who don't make you a priority. That's it.

"If you're happy alone, you'll be happier together."

We need to start becoming comfortable with our own company. Being home alone, journaling, making a cup of tea and enjoying it with ourselves is an example of just being at peace by yourself. Not every moment has to be shared with people. Once you are content with yourself, then being with a significant other doesn't become difficult.

"Changed behavior is the only real apology."

A person can apologize a thousand times over and still continue to do the same behavior that they're saying sorry for. Take it as a sign that they don't value you or your feelings. Only accept the apology once their behavior actually changes.

I'm so happy I came across this post because it's a bit of a harsh look into the truth. That we should really pay attention to other people's behavior as well as our own. Once we clear our heads and stop ignoring the red flags, life will have much more clarity.

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